A tea party for the many faces of me


Inkblot Flower


Watery Flower

The Lonely Wolf



















The lonely wolf
Starving and tired
Weak and stumbling through the trees
So afraid
So confused
But still standing
Still hunting
Still fighting
Never giving up
Forever seeking
To find her way home

True Friends

The End

I recently found a (very wordy) poem that I wrote about 11 or 12 years ago. Knowing what I know now about poetry, I can honestly say that this poem was poorly written. But no matter how poorly written it may be, I still find it beautiful. And it says a lot about how I was feeling when I wrote it.

The End



Her heart lies dying on the ground

Her blood is flowing like the sea

She’s crawling around gasping for air

She looks up to see he is starting down at her

The one with whom she’d trusted her life

The one with whom she’d given her heart





She hears his voice

He’s telling her he’s sorry

He’s telling her he didn’t mean to do it

He’s begging her to hold on

She falls on her back

Looks up to the sky

She feels him beside her




He’s trying to give her back her heart

He’s trying to save her life

She closes her eyes

She feels the tears on her face

She can’t tell if they are hers or his





He’s screaming now

Screaming for her to come back

She’s behind him now

Looking over his shoulder

She sees her body on the ground

She watches as he lifts her up

He carries her away

It’s then she knows





He’d never meant to hurt her

What happened was unavoidable

It was meant to be

And then she sees the light

It’s bright white with flecks of gold

She feels herself being pulled towards it

But she doesn’t want to go




She’s sorry that she’d given up

She wants to tell him that it’s not his fault

She turns away from the light

She runs back to him

He’s sitting with her in his arms

He’s telling her he’s sorry he failed

She looks down at him

Then looks into her own face

She closes her eyes

She hears him calling her name

She opens her eyes





He’s smiling down at her

His tears are falling on her face

They look into each other’s eyes

They do not speak

They don’t need to

She knows he’s sorry

He knows she’s forgiven him

He helps her to her feet

And holds her in his arms

She looks up at him

Their lips meet

For one last kiss





She tells him to go

He doesn’t want to

She tells him he must

She tells him he cannot stay

He backs away

Not wanting to turn around

She tells him she loves him

One final time





She closes her eyes

Spreads her arms wide

She lets herself go

Falling down a deep dark hole

Then she sees the light

Just as bright as can be




She’s ready now

She doesn’t fight it this time

Her pain is over

She suffers no more

She is at peace

This is the end

Nothing Lasts Forever

Sing me a song
Of love and faith
And I’ll tell you a story
Of death and loss
Have faith in death
And Lose your love
Because nothing lasts forever

5poems “wild”

Please don’t ask me
To surrender myself
Do not try
To change the ways
Of my wild heart


Keeping alive
The wild girl inside
Never submitting
To society’s rules
Rebelling forever in time


Wind blows wild
Trees sway in the breeze
Leaves dance
While clouds join in
Nature’s waltz


Raging wild
Inside my soul
Pain rising up
Like volcanic fire
Burning me from within


Hear the pipes
As wild Scotsmen roar
The coming battle is near
Women dry their tears
On lovers kilts



*5poems are 5 line poems (gogyohka) themed around a weekly word provided by Tina Nguyen on Twitter