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Roseanne S:6-E:4 (more from) “A Stash from the Past”

Roseanne pulls back shower curtain, “Oh hi Jackie! We thought you went home.”

Jackie’s response: “Look at me. I got nothing. No boyfriend, no meaningful job, no husband, no family. It’s just me.”

Jackie holds up the bad of pot. “It’s just me and my ganja.”

Roseanna gives Jackie the rest of the fudgepop. Then falls over laughing hysterically.


~I fell over laughing hysterically at this too!!


Roseanne S:6-E:4 “A Stash from the Past”

During the scene with Dan and Roseanne, where they are hanging out in the bathroom after (presumably) getting stoned…

Dan is pouring his heart out to Rosanne as she eats a fudgepop. (Roseanne seems more interested in her frozen treat than in Dan’s words)


“Nobody loves me.” says Jackie from behind the shower curtain.

Freaked out looks from Dan and Roseanne, as they didn’t know Jackie was in the bathtub.

~This scene reminds me of “Ignore the man behind the curtain.” from ‘The Wizard of Oz’. I nearly pmsl when ever I watch it! LOL!!