A tea party for the many faces of me

My Micropoetry

Nothing Lasts Forever

Sing me a song
Of love and faith
And I’ll tell you a story
Of death and loss
Have faith in death
And Lose your love
Because nothing lasts forever


Written for my cousin, back in October of 2010

Give her wings
Before its too late
Let him hold on
Until she is there
Let her tell him she loves him
One last time


Wading through the quicksand of life
Thickness that seeks to overtake me
Grasping towards the light
Seeking salvation
Reaching for the hand
That will save me from the darkness

Collection of Micropoetry (Vol. 3)

Down in the spiral
Spinning further into darkness
Grasping at roots
Finding only emptiness


Staring into the eyes of Insomnia
Her whirling hypnotic stare
Driving me close to insanity
She laughs at my pain


A wrinkle in the fold
Cracks in the stone
The ground begins to quake
The cracks grow deep and wide
Reality swallows me whole


I see the truth behind your eyes
And your truth
Is nothing but lies


Smoking morning eyes
She greets the dawn in a haze
Civil twilight comes
Say goodnight to the moon….


Like back in the day
With muted movie
Always there is music
Chatting with friends
Multitasking happiness


My cat just stabbed my foot
With a solitary claw
Then ran away to cower
And peek at me
From beneath his paw


Broken in pieces
Shattered spirit
Crying alone
Screaming into the darkness
Lost inside herself


Put out of mind and out of space
In twisted times and dizzy days
Spin maddening tales made out of lace
Let loose your hold on normal ways

Lonely Nights

In the darkness, I think of you.
I reach for you, and grasp at nothing.
Fighting back tears, I call out your name.
The answer is silence.
No words of comfort, nor reassuring touch.
My nights are nothing without you.


A ripple…..

From somewhere in the room

A hint of energy,

A shimmer of hope

You are near


Tears stain my face
As thoughts of you flow
The world beyond the bars
Is just an illusion
No reality without you here