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25 ways to tell you’re grown up

1. Your houseplants are alive, and you can’t smoke any of them.


2. Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question.


3. You keep more food than beer in the fridge.


4. 6:00 am is when you get up, not when you go to bed.


5. You hear your favorite song in an elevator.


6. You watch the weather channel.


7. Your friends marry and divorce instead of “hook up” and “break up”.


8. You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14.


9. Jeans and a sweater no longer qualify as “dressed up”.


10. You’re the one calling the police because those %&@# kids next door won’t turn down the stereo.


11. Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you.


12. You don’t know what time Taco Bell closes anymore.


13. Your car insurance goes down and your car payments go up.


14. You feed your dog Science Diet instead of McDonald’s leftovers.


15. Sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt.


16. You take naps.


17. Dinner and a movies is the whole date instead of the beginning of one.


18. Eating a basket of chicken wings at 3am would severely upset, rather than settle, your stomach.


19. You go to the drug store for Ibuprofen and antacid, not condoms and pregnancy tests.


20. A $4.00 bottle of wine is no longer “pretty good shit”.


21. You actually eat breakfast food at breakfast time.


22. “I just can’t drink the way I used to” replaces “I’m never going to drink that much again”.


23. 90% of the time you spend in front of a computer is for real work.


24. You drink at home to save money before going to a bar.


25. When you find out your friend is pregnant you congratulate them instead of asking “Oh shit, what the hell happened?”.




26. You read this entire list looking desperately for one sign that doesn’t apply to you and can’t find one to save your sorry old ass. Then you forward it to a bunch of old friends ’cause you know they’ll enjoy it too. And now you know why I am forwarding this to you…


Double Bonus:


27. You know you’re old when you still “forward” things to people in emails as opposed to posting them on Facebook, Twitter, and/or blogs.


Adult Truths

1. Sometimes I’ll look down at my watch 3 consecutive times and still not know what time it is.
2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you’re wrong.
3. I totally take back all those times I didn’t want to nap when I was younger.
4. There is great need for a sarcasm font.
5. How the hell are you supposed to fold a fitted sheet?
6. Was learning cursive really necessary?
7. Map Quest really needs to start their directions on # 5. I’m pretty sure I know how to get out of my neighborhood.
8. Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.
9. I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t at least kind of tired.
10. Bad decisions make good stories.
11. You never know when it will strike, but there comes a moment at work when you know that you just aren’t going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.
12. Can we all just agree to ignore whatever comes after Blue Ray? I don’t want to have to restart my collection…again.
13. I’m always slightly terrified when I exit out of Word and it asks me if I want to save any changes to my ten-page technical report that I swear I did not make any changes to.
14. I keep some people’s phone numbers in my phone just so I know not to answer when they call.
15. I think the freezer deserves a light as well.
16. I wish Google Maps had an “Avoid Ghetto” routing option.
17. I have a hard time deciphering the fine line between boredom and hunger.
18. How many times is it appropriate to say “What?” before you just nod and smile because you still didn’t hear or understand a word they said?
19. I love the sense of camaraderie when an entire line of cars team up to prevent a jerk from cutting in at the front. Stay strong, brothers and sisters!
20. Shirts get dirty. Underwear gets dirty. Pants? Pants never get dirty, and you can wear them forever.
21. Even under ideal conditions people have trouble locating their car keys in a pocket, finding their cell phone, and Pinning the Tail on the Donkey – but I’d bet everyone can find and push the snooze button from 3 feet away, in about 1.7 seconds, eyes closed, first time, every time.
22. The first testicular guard, the “Cup,” was used in Hockey in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. That means it only took 100 years for men to realize that their brain is also important.
23. Looking back, you wished you had taken the advise your elders had given you because now you understand, they had already tried what you’re trying and failed as well


Dear Wife, I’m writing you this letter to tell you that I’m leaving you forever. I’ve been a good man to you for 7 years & I have nothing to show for it. These last 2 weeks have been hell. … Your boss called to tell me that you quit your job today & that was the last straw. Last week, you came home & didn’t even notice I had a new haircut, had cooked your favorite meal & even wore a brand new pair of silk boxers. You ate in 2 minutes, & went straight to sleep after watching all of your soaps. You don’t tell me you love me anymore; you don’t want sex or anything that connects us as husband & wife. Either you’re cheating on me or you don’t love me anymore; whatever the case, I’m gone.

Your EX-Husband
P.S. don’t try to find me. Your SISTER & I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life! ——

Dear Ex-Husband Nothing has made my day more than receiving your letter. It’s true you & I have been married for 7 years, although a good man is a far cry from what you’ve been. I watch my soaps so much because they drown out your constant whining & griping Too bad that doesn’t work. I DID notice when you got a hair cut last week, but the 1st thing that came to mind was ‘You look just like a girl!’ Since my mother raised me not to say anything if you can’t say something nice, I didn’t comment. And when you cooked my favorite meal, you must have gotten me confused with MY SISTER, because I stopped eating pork 7 years ago. About those new silk boxers: I turned away from you because the $49.99 price tag was still on them, & I prayed it was a coincidence that my sister had just borrowed $50 from me that morning. After all of this, I still loved you & felt we could work it out. So when I hit the lotto for 10 million dollars, I quit my job & bought us 2 tickets to Jamaica But when I got home you were gone.. Everything happens for a reason, I guess. I hope you have the fulfilling life you always wanted. My lawyer said that the letter you wrote ensures you won’t get a dime from me. So take care.

Signed, Your Ex-Wife, Rich As Hell & Free!
P.S. I don’t know if I ever told you this, but my sister Carla was born Carl. I hope that’s not a problem..

Roseanne S:6-E:4 (more from) “A Stash from the Past”

Roseanne pulls back shower curtain, “Oh hi Jackie! We thought you went home.”

Jackie’s response: “Look at me. I got nothing. No boyfriend, no meaningful job, no husband, no family. It’s just me.”

Jackie holds up the bad of pot. “It’s just me and my ganja.”

Roseanna gives Jackie the rest of the fudgepop. Then falls over laughing hysterically.


~I fell over laughing hysterically at this too!!

Roseanne S:6-E:4 “A Stash from the Past”

During the scene with Dan and Roseanne, where they are hanging out in the bathroom after (presumably) getting stoned…

Dan is pouring his heart out to Rosanne as she eats a fudgepop. (Roseanne seems more interested in her frozen treat than in Dan’s words)


“Nobody loves me.” says Jackie from behind the shower curtain.

Freaked out looks from Dan and Roseanne, as they didn’t know Jackie was in the bathtub.

~This scene reminds me of “Ignore the man behind the curtain.” from ‘The Wizard of Oz’. I nearly pmsl when ever I watch it! LOL!!